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Affordable Tenant Protection Plans worth every penny.
If you are storing your goods then you clearly value these items. Storage is often an extension of your home, garage or attic and it is important to protect your goods while in storage. We have partnered with SafeLease to offer you specialized low-cost, short-term tenant protection plans for your goods while in storage.

Tenant Protection Plan Benefits

Our facility's self storage insurance coverage does not cover our storage customers' goods while in storage so it is important you carry appropriate protection for your goods. Proof of insurance coverage is a requirement and condition of our Rental Agreement; some of the benefits of purchasing a SafeLease Tenant Protection Plan include:

Immediate Storage Coverage

You will receive immediate protection coverage when renting a unit and your SafeLease Tenant Protection Plan will go into effect the day you enroll and pay your first monthly premium.

Easy Pay-With-Rent Plan

Tenant Protection Plan premiums are paid along with your unit's monthly rent.

$0 Deductible on Burglary* | $100 Deductible on Everything Else

Unlike many homeowners/renters policies that carry a deductible of $250 to $1000 or more, your SafeLease Tenant Protection Plan has a low deductible of only $100. And a $0 deductible on burglary! (*Only if your storage unit is protected with a round disc lock. Any other lock implements a $100 deductible.) Additionally, any claim on your SafeLease Tenant Protection Plan will not negatively impact your homeowners/renters insurance rates or insurability.

Replacement Cost Valuation

Unlike many homeowners/renters policies that pay your claim based on the original cost of your goods, SafeLease will pay your claim based on the replacement cost of your goods at today's value.

Broad Protection Coverage

Protection against a wide range of causes of loss including fire, lightning, forced entry burglary, explosion, windstorm, hail, weight of ice, snow or sleet, earthquake, sinkhole collapse, water damage (excludes flood and surface water), riot or civil commotion, vandalism, aircraft or vehicles, falling objects, mold damage (up to $500) and rodent/vermin damage (up to $500).

Fast Claims Service

Storage customers will receive quick, satisfying service through local claims adjusters and friendly, experienced in-house claims service. Storage claims are filed easily online at SafeLease Claims , or contact SafeLease by phone: (855) 657-2338 or by email:

Competitive Rates

Tenant Protection Plan coverage is affordable and has several coverage limits from which you can choose starting at just $12 per month. Tenant Protection Plans are available for purchase by new and existing storage customers. To purchase a new SafeLease Tenant Protection Plan or change your existing plan please contact our office 727-461-3676. Should you have any questions regarding tenant protection plans please view the SafeLease Brochure or call SafeLease's toll-free customer hotline at (855) 657-2338. Remember – if it is worth storing then it is worth protecting!

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