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Antique Shop in Clearwater, Florida

The Old Trading Post is located right here on the property of Bison Storage in Clearwater, Florida, and is a great place to look for your favorite collectables or to sell your belongings on consignment! We sell gently used, new, and antique items, so we’re sure to have that character-filled piece of history you’re looking for to complete the decoration of your home or give as a gift to a friend or family member. Plus, because The Old Trading Post is right next to Bison Storage, you can sell the belongings you want to get rid of on consignment. Call our office today for more details, and visit our Facebook page!



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Antique Shop filled with collectables in Clearwater, FL      Welcome to Bison Storage - Old Trading Post Antique Shop     Bison Storage and Antique Shop in Clearwater, FL 33765